If you wish to attend a top British boarding school or to enrol at a UK University, please do get in touch! Send us an email explaining what kind of programme you are interested in and we will guide you through the process. We will support you in the application procedure and advise you on how to face interviews and admission tests.






Attending a British Boarding school means receiving the best possible education, while living in an environment that encourages growth on all levels. These prestigious institutions boast experience in forming rounded, confident, open-minded and “world-ready” individuals.
These institutions owe their reputation to the ability to constantly integrate their long-standing traditions with cutting-edge approaches to teaching and pastoral care.
The small class sizes (maximum 10 students in most schools) and the careful selection of the most competent teachers in the country allow lessons to be dynamic, enriching and student-centred. Pupils are encouraged to actively participate in class discussion and they are asked to explain and support their opinions at all times. This helps them develop excellent critical thinking and public speaking skills.
Furthermore, the teachers have extensive experience in training students to perform their best in examinations and can teach them the techniques needed to achieve top grades, which are essential for university admissions.
As well as maintaining a deep focus on academic excellence, these institutions also offer a wide choice of extracurricular activities. Physical activity is highly valued, with the possibility to join sport teams and take part in national inter-school leagues, or choosing more “amateur-level” classes. Many other activities are also offered, such as dance classes, societies and drama clubs. Once again, these sessions are run by well-trained and experienced teachers, and are hosted in outstanding facilities.
Despite their traditional British appearance, boarding schools are usually very international environments where students are encouraged to form life-long friendships, becoming part of a flourishing community of open-minded, talented individuals. The schools also promote fraternizing and dynamism with many social events and excursions at weekends.
If you are an outgoing, adventurous and ambitious young person who would like to embark on this challenging and inspiring adventure, get in contact and we will guide you through the choice of the school that best suits your personality!







The UK has an extremely strong reputation for education and research, with four of its universities (Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial College) ranked in the top 10 universities worldwide.
One of the strengths of these institutions is their focus on individuality, creative-thinking and team-working.

A large part of a student’s timetable consists of seminars, which are small-group teaching sessions which provide students with the opportunity to discuss the topics addressed in lectures with an experienced seminar leader. The assessments themselves are often a combination of examinations and written assignments or group presentations, aimed at preparing you for public speaking and formal writing in the workplace.
Another characteristic of the UK university system is the wide range of courses offered both at Undergraduate (3 years-long Bachelor degrees) and Postgraduate (Masters) level. Many subjects can often be combined in a single course (for example, the prestigious PPE Bachelor Degree – Politics, Philosophy and Economics), allowing you to receive an all-rounded education, which will be of great value both in the workplace and when applying for more focused Master degrees.
UK degrees are recognised world-wide, and will prepare you to access the global workplace.
You will receive plenty of support from your university in both finding ways to enhance your future employability with internships whilst on your course and in applying for jobs or further education in your final year (or even after you have graduated!). Your University will also provide you with great support in settling in as an international student and with the financial aspects of your course and accommodation.
Due to the considerable prestige of UK institutions and the focus on small-group teaching, applications to most universities are very competitive, and consists of a long process starting in the autumn before your expected year of entry.
Many of our students have gone through this process and are now studying at world-leading institutions. Thanks to this, we are proud and able to offer you our guidance and support in all aspects of this process, including the choice of the course and institution that most suits you, your UCAS application, and in writing a strong and captivating personal statement. When required, we can also offer tailored tutoring to prepare you for your admission tests and interviews.
Get in contact with us and we will provide you with all the extra information you may require…. And good luck for this next exciting step of your life!


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