One-to-one sessions are private lessons with a highly competent tutor who has previously sat the examination you are preparing for in the same subject. You will receive high-quality, fully-tailored tutoring which will give you the opportunity to freely choose what topics or skills you would like to concentrate on.

Your tutor will become your mentor and will help you deepen your knowledge and will provide you with advice on how to make sure your knowledge and competencies are well reflected in your examinations. When applying you will be asked to specify your preference between two session types:

  • Face-to-face tutoring will give you all the advantages of the physical presence of your tutor, such as a better interpersonal interaction. The location where the sessions will take place will be agreed at the time of application.
  • Online tutoring allows for greater time-flexibility. While still providing you with the high quality and focused teaching that characterizes our services, online tutoring is a great resource when urgent help is needed.

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