Are you going to embark on the challenging and exciting adventure of the IB Diploma Programme? We can make sure you have a ”rocking” start! The IBDP is a unique programme and as such it requires some key skills and prior knowledge that even the most capable students struggle with.

The awareness of this led us to design a summer course which equips all our students with the essential tools to be able to start the academic year with confidence, maximising their potential. Our main focus is on developing crucial skills such as critical and analytical thinking, essay and lab report writing and research techniques. We also work to make sure you possess all the prior knowledge required and expand your subject-specific vocabulary. We are also able to tailor our support depending on your needs and on your previous academic background. Many of our tutors have attended different school systems before the IBDP (particularly Italian Licei), and will therefore be able to give you advice on how to ensure a smooth transition.


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